About Us

Here at Coyote, providing you with excellent customer-service is first and foremost our #1 Priority


We embarked on a strategic journey, strengthening our distribution channels and forging robust partnerships. This marked the beginning of our national expansion and diversified our range of offerings in the traffic control industry. Our initiative set the stage for unprecedented growth and a commitment to innovation and excellence.


Our solutions for industrial traffic and parking management were embraced by businesses of various sizes across the country, including collaborations with entities such as FedEx, Amazon, and Duke Medical Center. This era underscored our commitment to broadening our clientele, backed by our dedication to exceptional customer service and expert consultation, addressing traffic control needs with unparalleled precision.


In recognition of our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, Coyote Traffic proudly expanded our support to the nation’s protectors, establishing working relationships with military bases and other government agencies across the United States. Our role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of military logistics highlighted our expertise and reliability in the field, cementing our reputation as a pivotal contributor to national security and operational excellence.


As we continue to evolve, Coyote stands at the forefront of traffic control solutions, pioneering advanced technologies and strategies that redefine safety and efficiency. Our influence in the industry, often likened to that of a major manufacturer due to our comprehensive expertise and the sheer scale of our offerings, showcases our commitment to innovation and excellence. By continuously enhancing our product range and services, we not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of our diverse clientele, steering the future of traffic control towards safer, smarter, and more efficient horizons.

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