Leading the Industry with High-Speed, Durable Traffic Spikes

Coyote Traffic is at the forefront of traffic control innovation, offering advanced traffic spikes that set new industry standards. Unlike competitors’ spikes that are typically rated for speeds up to 5 MPH, our spikes can handle vehicles traveling at speeds up to 10 MPH. This increased speed tolerance not only enhances safety but also reduces wear and tear, making our spikes a game-changer in the traffic control industry. The ability to effectively stop vehicles at higher speeds is crucial for high-traffic areas, such as private roads and parking facilities, where maintaining security is paramount.

Our traffic spikes are designed to withstand significant loads, with a remarkable rating of 50 tons per axle. This means they can support the weight of the heaviest vehicles, from large commercial trucks to military tanks. For instance, an M1 Abrams tank, weighing approximately 60 tons, can traverse our spikes without causing any damage, demonstrating the exceptional durability of our products. This load capacity ensures that our spikes can handle the demands of various environments, including industrial sites and military bases, where heavy-duty traffic is common.

In practical terms, the ability to accommodate higher speeds and heavier loads means that our traffic spikes offer unparalleled durability and performance. Whether in commercial truck depots, where vehicles frequently exceed traditional weight limits, or in high-security areas like military installations, our spikes provide reliable and effective vehicle control. They are also ideal for urban settings, where they can be used to restrict access to authorized vehicles, ensuring safety and security in high-traffic areas.

The robust construction of our traffic spikes, made from high-grade materials, guarantees long-lasting performance without deformation or failure. This durability is unmatched in the industry, highlighting our commitment to delivering top-quality, long-lasting traffic control solutions. By investing in Coyote Traffic spikes, customers benefit from reduced maintenance costs and increased operational efficiency, making them a smart choice for any organization that prioritizes safety and reliability.

At Coyote Traffic, we are dedicated to leading the industry with innovative traffic control solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our traffic spikes, rated for higher speeds and substantial loads, exemplify our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. For those seeking a reliable and durable traffic control solution, Coyote Traffic offers products that go beyond the ordinary, providing enhanced safety and security for various applications.

If you’re looking to enhance your traffic control capabilities with the most advanced and durable spikes on the market, contact Coyote Traffic today. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs, ensuring that your roads and facilities are safer and more secure.