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Motorized Traffic Spikes


Our automated/motorized hydraulic, surface-mounted traffic spikes are designed to regulate the flow of traffic through a secured control point, while providing a visual and physical barrier to approaching vehicles and preventing against unauthorized vehicles entering and/or exiting a secured area. The spikes are surface-mounted to assist in the elimination of excavation and drainage problems. Designed with customizable control logic, the unit can be easily adapted to new or existing gate operators (e.g., barrier gates, swing gates, slide gates). The utilization of the hydraulic system, with its solid state logic and circuitry, will provide years of worry-free operation.

Red & Yellow

12” wide x 36” long x 30” tall

Standard 36” inch modules. Can be sized as required.

Lengths 36” inches, up to a maximum of 10 modules (30 feet) of control modules can be driven form a single hydraulic control unit

Cycle to lower teeth 1 second,
Cycle to raise teeth 1 second

Hydraulic power unit.

½ HP, 110V Single-phase 7A. The unit can be built to meet any local power requirement as to voltage, frequency and phase.

Epoxy urethane enamel (Red or Yellow)

The machine is completely pre-wired requiring only the connection of the power feed and the control circuits. The circuits and power connections are terminated at the wire connector strips in the electrical control box located in the locked hydraulic control cabinet. The controls are pre-wired to accommodate a wide range of control options including: remote open and close from multiple locations; radio open and close; open by card reader, key switch or vehicle detector.

Each machine is furnished with the following, Mechanical Installation Instructions, Electrical & Control Installation, Start Up Procedures, Trouble Shooting, Electrical, Mechanical Drawings

Stop-Go Signal, Radio Receiver, Remote Radio Control, High Security Card Readers, Key, Battery Backup.

This machine is modularized for ease of shipping and handling

  • Hydraulic Control Cabinet – 175 lbs
  • Drive Tunnel 36.0 inches – 175 lbs
  • Control Ramps 36.0 inches – 220 lbs
  1. Install the tire poppers perpendicular to traffic flow. If vehicles cross the traffic spikes at an angle other than 90 degrees the spikes may cause damage to sidewalls of tires.
  2. The top speed at which a car may cross the installed tire spike is 7 MPH. At speeds over the 7 MPH, excessive wear of the spikes, top plate and internal springs will likely result.
  3. The tire spikes should be installed in a location where water is least likely to drain into the unit. Having adequate drainage under the unit is recommended.
  4. Make sure the system is not installed on a slope so as to avoid vehicles accidentally rolling back into the spikes.
  5. Keep pedestrians away from the tire poppers.
  6. Maintenance should be performed periodically to the system to ensure that debris is not accumulating inside of the unit.
  7. It is recommended to have a clear sign warning of the system’s presence and potential tire damage

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Surface-Mounted Spikes

These spikes do not require trenching and are extremely easy to install. They are the most popular type of spike we offer and are commonly found in commercial settings, airports and rental car agencies.

In-Ground Spikes

These spikes require trenching but sit flush to the ground once installed. They are most often used when a clean aesthetic appearance is a high priority.

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These are very well built. We have ordered spikes from other manufacturers in years past but the springs kept on breaking but these have held up very nice.
Adam Arnault
General Contractor - Operations Manager
Wow! Unreal support team! They made sure everything went smoothly and helped us meet out tight deadline.
Jacqueline Schwartz
Dealer Principle
Fair prices and great customer service. There's really not much else to say. Will be back.
Mike Stuart
Municipality Procurement Manager

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