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Our Flush Motorized Traffic Spikes offer a sophisticated solution for secure and efficient vehicle management. Ideal for a variety of environments including commercial facilities, residential complexes, and industrial areas, these spikes feature a robust design with options for manual, remote, or automatic operation. Easily integrated with existing security systems and equipped with user-friendly controls, Coyote’s spikes ensure optimal performance and enhanced safety for any traffic setup.

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570 lbs


3/8″ Thick Hot Rolled Steel

Optional Features

Remote Key Fobs: For easy and convenient wireless operation from a distance. Dial Pads: Allows secure access control via customizable codes. Direct Button Link to Guard Station: Enhances manual control and security monitoring. Gate System Integration: Synchronizes spike operation with existing gate arms or sliding gates. LED Traffic Signal Integration: For clear visual communication of spike status. Wireless Remote Control: Offers additional flexibility with robust, military-grade remotes. Cellular Activation: Enables operation through phone calls or text messages for high-tech environments. Manual Lever Activation: Provides a non-electric operation option with manual lever control. Extended Wired Controller: Facilitates operation from a distance with options for longer cable lengths. Zinc Coating: Offers additional protection against rusting, ideal for locations near oceans.

Installation Overview

Every order comes complete with all necessary materials and detailed installation guides to ensure a smooth setup process. Should you have any questions or require additional assistance, our dedicated installation support team is readily available to help. We’re committed to providing you with the support you need to successfully install and operate your new system.

Modern Design

Upgrade your traffic control with our motorized traffic spikes, designed with a sleek, contemporary look and available in vibrant yellow, red, or black. These units not only enhance the aesthetic of any setting but also incorporate advanced technology for seamless functionality. Features include a precise mechanical sensing switch, integration with LED traffic signals, and multiple control options such as remote key fobs and gate system connectivity, embodying the perfect blend of style and sophisticated technology.

Reliable Equipment

Rely on the proven durability and efficiency of our motorized traffic spikes, trusted by the military to secure bases and manage traffic flow effectively. These robust units are engineered to control two-way traffic and are equipped with a range of activation methods, including gate system integration, key fobs, dial pads, and direct buttons linked to guard stations. Additional functionalities such as wireless remote controls, cellular activation, and keypad entry ensure these spikes operate flawlessly under various conditions. The integration with external security systems and traffic lights further enhances their reliability, making them indispensable for any high-security environment.

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Our traffic control systems are designed with straightforward installation in mind. Comprehensive guides and full support ensure you have all the resources needed for a successful setup.

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