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Our in-ground traffic spikes come in both 3 and 6 foot segments. Like our surface tire spikes, they come in both the latch-down and non-latch versions. The latch-down allows temporary bi-directional traffic flow.

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Featuring a modular design, our traffic spikes can be seamlessly linked together to cover lanes from 3 feet up to 100 feet wide.


40lbs per foot.


3/8″ Thick Hot Rolled Steel

Optional Features

If you are near an ocean we offer zinc-coated models to prevent rusting.

Installation Overview

Each order of our traffic control solutions comes complete with all necessary materials and detailed installation guides to ensure a smooth setup process. Should you have any questions or require additional assistance, our dedicated installation support team is readily available to help. We’re committed to providing you with the support you need to successfully install and operate your new system.

Modern Design

Our flush-mounted traffic spikes epitomize modern design, providing a clean, unobtrusive solution that integrates seamlessly with the road surface. These units are perfectly flush with the ground, making them an ideal choice for environments frequented by ultra-low profile vehicles. The flush design ensures that cars with low clearance can pass over safely without risk of damage to the undercarriage, maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the area while offering effective and discreet traffic control. This design approach not only enhances safety but also preserves the visual flow of the roadway, making it a preferred choice for upscale residential areas, luxury commercial properties, and any location where vehicle safety and aesthetic are paramount.

Reliable Equipment

Built to last, our traffic control spikes are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability under frequent use. They effectively manage vehicle flow while withstanding various environmental conditions, offering a dependable solution for any traffic control needs.

extremely easy to install

Designed for straightforward installation, our traffic control spikes come with everything you need to get set up quickly and efficiently. Comprehensive guides and dedicated support ensure a smooth installation process, so you can enhance your security without the hassle.

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