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Our Surface Mounted Motorized Traffic Spikes offer a cutting-edge solution for secure vehicle access management. Designed to sit atop the ground for easy installation, these spikes feature advanced self-cleaning mechanisms to prevent debris accumulation and are constructed to resist water damage. Ideal for environments requiring reliable, long-lasting traffic control, these spikes provide both functionality and modern aesthetics to seamlessly integrate into any setting.

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6′- 35′


570 lbs


3/8″ Thick Hot Rolled Steel

Optional Features

Remote Key Fobs: Convenient wireless operation allows for remote access and control. Dial Pads: Secure access through customizable numeric codes, enhancing security. Direct Button Link to Guard Station: Enables immediate control and communication with security personnel. Gate System Integration: Seamlessly syncs spike operation with existing gate mechanisms for unified control. LED Traffic Signal Integration: Visual signals indicate spike status, improving safety and clarity. Wireless Remote Control: Robust, military-grade remote controls for flexible, on-the-go management. Cellular Activation: Spike operation can be managed via smartphone calls or texts for high-tech convenience. Manual Lever Activation: Offers a manual control option for areas without electrical access. Extended Wired Controller: Long-range wired controllers provide operational convenience from afar. Zinc Coating: Optional zinc coating protects against corrosion, ideal for coastal areas.

Installation Overview

Each order comes complete with all necessary materials and detailed installation guides to ensure a smooth setup process. Should you have any questions or require additional assistance, our dedicated installation support team is readily available to help. We’re committed to providing you with the support you need to successfully install and operate your new system.

Modern Design

Our Surface Mounted Motorized Traffic Spikes feature a new, modern design that sits cleanly on top of the ground, eliminating the need for extensive excavation or in-ground installation. This innovative approach not only simplifies the setup process but also integrates seamlessly into any environment without disrupting existing pavement or landscaping. With their sleek and unobtrusive profile, these spikes provide a high-tech, aesthetically pleasing solution for managing vehicle access while maintaining the integrity of your site’s appearance.

Reliable Equipment

Our Surface Mounted Motorized Traffic Spikes are engineered for exceptional reliability, excelling in debris management and water resistance. These units are designed with self-cleaning mechanisms to expel debris effectively, ensuring continuous operation without blockages. Additionally, their robust construction prevents water accumulation, safeguarding the mechanism from water damage and ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance under various environmental conditions.

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Our traffic control systems are designed with straightforward installation in mind. Comprehensive guides and full support ensure you have all the resources needed for a successful setup.

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