Revolutionize Traffic Control with Motorized Spikes

At Coyote Traffic, we are committed to providing cutting-edge traffic management solutions that enhance security and efficiency. Our motorized spikes are a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled control and versatility for managing two-way traffic. Here’s an in-depth look at our state-of-the-art motorized spike systems and why they are an essential addition to any security infrastructure.

Motorized spikes from Coyote Traffic stand out due to their advanced control options. These spikes can be operated using key fobs, posted dial pads, or a button routed to a guard station, providing flexible control mechanisms tailored to your specific needs. Unlike passive spikes that only manage one-way traffic, motorized spikes allow for the seamless control of two-way traffic, ensuring comprehensive access management.

Upon placing an order, customers can choose from three distinct colors: yellow, red, or black. While our latest model units are still in the process of having detailed cut sheets and white papers developed, our current motorized units offer robust and reliable performance. Central to their functionality is the intelligent Coyote Traffic controller, equipped with a mechanical sensing switch that accurately detects the position of the spikes. This feature not only enables autonomous operation of LED traffic signals but also allows for integration with external security systems, ensuring a holistic safety mechanism.

For standalone configurations, we recommend incorporating traffic signal lights to provide enhanced visual guidance. Our systems can be prewired in a durable NEMA enclosure, which simplifies the installation process. The unit typically includes a port for our Coyote Traffic Wired Controller, featuring a pendant switch for raising and lowering the spikes. The standard cable length is 6 feet, but it can be extended upon request to suit various operational requirements.

For those who prefer wall-mounted controllers, the installation process is straightforward. However, it’s important to note that adding a NEMA enclosure entails an additional $980 fee. Our motorized spike activation can be customized in several ways, catering to diverse user preferences and operational contexts.

Integration with Gate Systems: The Coyote Traffic spikes can seamlessly connect to existing gate arm or sliding gate controllers. Utilizing a simple 12V 3-wire system, our controller interfaces with most gate systems to manage the spikes’ motion accurately. The built-in mechanical switch ensures that the spikes are in the ‘down’ position, guaranteeing precise operation.

Plug-in Controller: Designed for ease of use, the Coyote Traffic system can be powered by connecting the power supply to our NEMA box. The spikes can be controlled via a plug-in controller, enabling staff to easily manage spike positions at the beginning and end of each day.

Extended Wired Controller: For operations requiring constant monitoring by security personnel, we offer wired controllers with cable lengths ranging from 20 to 200 feet, providing flexibility in various security setups.

Wireless Remote Control: Offering convenience and mobility, our robust military-grade wireless remote control and compact automotive-style key fob allow for remote operation of the spikes, enhancing ease of use and accessibility.

Cellular Activation: For a high-tech solution, our spikes can be raised or lowered through a phone call or text message, available as an additional service. This feature is ideal for modern operations requiring remote management capabilities.

Keypad Activation: A secure, personalized access control option, our 4-digit programmable keypad ensures only authorized personnel can activate the spikes.

Manual Lever Activation: In locations without power access, our manual lever allows for the spikes to be armed and locked into position, with optional padlocking for added security.

Our motorized spike systems are designed to offer maximum security and flexibility, making them an indispensable tool for managing traffic and access control. Contact Coyote Traffic today to learn more about our motorized spikes and discover how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs and enhance your property’s security. Whether you’re looking for a simple plug-in system or a sophisticated integration with existing security infrastructure, Coyote Traffic has the expertise and technology to deliver superior results.